• Registration and Entry Creation
    • Once the teacher has created their account, students will click on the link provided by the coordinator, which will take them to the homepage of the contest.
    • On the right side, under the header “Register,” students will fill out their name and email address and click the “register” button.
    • When asked for registrant type (student, teacher, judge, volunteer, staff), students will select “Student.”
    • Students will then complete personal contact information: address, city, zip, phone number, parent email address, gender, and will create a password.
    • Click “Save and Continue” button.
    • This will take students to the page where they will enter information about their entry. Students will either create an entry, or link to a group project that their teammate has already created.
      • The first student in a group will create the entry. That student will then give their fellow group members the “team key.”
      • The following group members will begin a student account and will enter the “team key” for their entry. This will bring up the title and description for their entry that was filled out by the group member who created the entry.
    • Students are then prompted to enter school, teacher, and grade information.
    • They will click “next” and then be required to answer further questions.
    • Once information is confirmed, students will be taken to a page where they, along with their parents/guardians, will agree to NHD permissions and waivers.
    • Students will then enter payment information for any contest fees. Registration is complete only once all fees have been paid.
    • Payment instructions below.


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